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Disintegration Official Release Date Announced

dinsintegration release date

Halo Co-Creator Disintegration Release Date In June

Disintegration, the sci-fi shooter from Halo’s co-creator Marcus Lehto, is officially set to release on June 16th 2020.

The game will combine FPS gameplay with the ability to command a team to combat Rayonne, an army with the focus to eliminate what is left of humanity.

The game will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via the Steam store! 

Disintegration will have a compelling campaign to play, but also include a 5v5 multiplayer with three main modes across a variety of maps.

Pre-orders are also available on the Private Division website!

Perks to pre-ordering include an awesome in game gravcycle skin, a flex emote, a medal for the gravcycle, and a unique animated player banner.