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Evan’s Remains Out Next Month On PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Evans Remains

Evan’s Remains Releasing June 11th On All Major Platforms

After successfully reaching their Kickstarter funding goal, Evan’s Remains is set to release next month on June 11th!

The game is a mystery-thriller puzzle adventure focused around finding a missing boy named Evan. 

The developer states: “The game combines logic-based platform puzzles with narrative inspired by Japanese graphic adventure games.”

Every time the player solves from two to three puzzles, the story goes forward and new mechanics are introduced. The challenge of the puzzles lies in the player’s ability to figure out what do rather than solve challenges based on skill. As the difficulty curve increases, the puzzles become more complex by combining two or more previously introduced mechanics.

This is an amazing feature to have in a puzzle game, since it doesn’t bombard the player with numerous unknown features at once. The puzzle dynamics increase in difficulty overtime without too much of a dramatic increase.

So if you’re a fan of puzzle solving and have a passion for Japanese adventure games, this was made for you!

Happy gaming!