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How To Build A Chest in Terraria

How to build a chest in Terraria

Building a Chest in Terraria

Chests are storage items in Terraria that hold up to 40 item stacks in a variety of rows (10×4, 8×5, 5×8, and 5×4).

While chests are craftable, they can also be found in the world in random locations. There are also a total of 42 chest types, 27 of which are craftable. This means there are a few options for crafting materials that can be used to make a chest.

The majority of chests can be craft at a Workbench except for the Bone Chest, Flesh Chest, Glass Chest, Honey Chest, Slime Chest, and Steampunk Chest, all of which require a specific kind of crafting station.

Materials Needed for a Terraria Chest

At a Workbench or other specified bench, use:

  1. (2) Iron Bar or Lead Bar
  2. (8) Any material listed below
    1. Blue brick
    2. Boreal wood
    3. Cactus
    4. Wood
    5. Crystal block
    6. Dynasty wood
    7. Ebonwood
    8. Smooth Granite Block
    9. Green Brick
    10. Smooth Marble Block
    11. Martian Conduit Plating
    12. Meteorite Brick
    13. Glowing Mushroom
    14. Palm Wood
    15. Pearl Wood
    16. Pink Brick
    17. Pumpkin
    18. Rich Mahogany
    19. Shadewood
    20. Spooky Wood
    21. Cog
    22. Slime Block
    23. Honey Block
    24. Glass
    25. Flesh Block
    26. Bone

The only altering recipe is for the Obsidian Chest, which requires (2) Iron or Lead Bars, (6) Obsidian, and (2) Hellstone.