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Pokemon Go Players Catch Nearly A Billion Pokemon For This Year’s Fest

pokemon go fest 2020

In a Pokemon Go first, the annual fest was accessible by everyone from everywhere! The event took place on July 25th and the 26th, giving two days for players to take part in Pokemon Go’s biggest event this year.

This many trainers and Pokemon Go enthusiasts led to some impressive statistics according to Niantic. There were nearly 1 billion pokemon caught during the event, nearly 58 million Team GO Rocket members were defeated, and each trainer walked on average 15 kilometers.

pokemon go

The event included new quest lines allowing trainers to catch the mythical Pokemon Victini, while also having the option to catch new shiny and regional Pokemon.

The event was a massive success leaving many to wonder what will Niantic plan for next years event. Either way they have a lot to live up to after this year’s Pokemon Go Fest.