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Valorant Rank Structure and How Competitive Will Work

Valorant Rank Structure

How Valorant Ranking Works


Valorant was expected to make a hit in the gaming community, but with a top of 1.7M concurrent viewers on Twitch during beta, it’s clear it’s way past that!

Valorant’s beta has been running for a few weeks now and continues to hold high viewership and a lot of interest. With that interest comes questions about where the future of the game is going. One of those hot questions circulating has been “how ranked is going to work?”.

The exact release of a ranked playlist hasn’t been confirmed, but it has been confirmed it will be releasing soon!

Despite no release date, the rank structure and how competitive will work has been discussed.

The ranked system will be somewhat similar to what you see in Overwatch. There will be separate levels and tiers within each level, progressing through a total of 7 ranks with 3 tiers in each and the final 8th rank being Valorant.

The ranks and names are as followed (see image below):

Valorant Rank Structure

Like many other ranked playlists in other games, there will be initial placement matches to determine what rank the player should be in. You’ll have to complete 20 unranked matches to be placed.

NOTE: Closed beta ranked DOES NOT carry over to launch.

Concerning the MMR for how rank will be measured, the release indicates it will be heavily determined on personal performance in earlier ranks and focused more on winning in later ranks.